schedule 60 Mins | 24 March 2022

Lessons from the gig economy – more relevant than you think

Flexibility. Balance. Empathy. These are qualities that employees demand in a post-pandemic world. Workers have been redefining what ‘work’ needs to look like for them – and in some instances, that’s led to freelancing. And that’s why the gig economy is exploding.

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Reputation Talent Culture
schedule 60 Mins | 27 January 2022

Employee experience: how to give your people what they want

A plethora of research shows that happy, engaged employees are more productive and less likely to leave an organisation, and that potential employees are more likely to apply for jobs at companies with a reputation for valuing their people.

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Leadership Talent
schedule 60 Mins | 19 October 2021

How your board can think better: unlocking cognitive diversity

We – all of us – gravitate towards people who act and think like us. We can't help it. In the workplace, this universal human trait means we miss out on important perspectives, untapped opportunities and creative solutions. Crucially, this is felt most significantly in the boardroom.

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