More than environmental management

why it's crucial for businesses to understand the importance of sustainability

Net-zero commitments and sustainability targets should be dominating conversations at senior level in businesses throughout the UK.

However, recent YouGov research showed that only 18% of UK SMEs and 46% of UK large businesses are aware of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. With SMEs making up 99% of UK businesses, it shows it’s time for UK business owners and leaders to get serious about sustainability.

The need for businesses of all sizes and industries to understand the importance of sustainability in their operating model has never been more crucial. In times of economic downturns, proactively looking at sustainability systems can help your business adapt rapidly to uncertainties, save money, increase efficiencies, improve brand reputation, and improve staff engagement.

We'll be covering:

  • How do you ensure sustainable initiatives are built into your operating model? 
  • What are the associated cost risks, and how do you mitigate them? 
  • If you’re already on board, how do you take sustainability targets to the next level to benefit your business? 
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management and sustainability

Join this Management Today Insight webinar, produced in partnership with BSI, to find out the answer to these questions, and why the road to your business embracing sustainability starts now.  

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