The key to productivity in 2022: help your teams avoid data and information overload

In many walks of life, your greatest assets present your greatest risks… Just ask the extrovert who says too much. Many businesses these days generate large volumes of data, data that fuels their growth but it also creates challenges. How do you make the most of the information, glean realistic, actionable insights? How can you do this compliantly – and what’s the security risk?

It’s this conundrum that Management Today, in partnership with Mail Manager, are tackling. We discuss the classic mistakes we’ve all made, we look at the size of the challenge and how you can make the most of the data. This includes…

  • The compliance police: we’ve made mistakes so you don’t have to

  • Life’s a breach: security strategies and resolutions

  • The real risks: misconceptions and mitigations

  • The efficiency effect: the bottom line impact of getting this right

Join us for an invaluable hour that straightens out your thinking and makes the most of your digital investment.

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